Textile Interface – Fall 2019

This is a documentation of Lab 1, Lab 2 and the Final Project of Fall 2019 Textile Interface class.

Lab 1 – 3 kinds of digital switches

1. Bridge Switch

2. Other Kind of Fabric Switch

3. Switch with a Different Material

To testify idea for my umbrella NIME piece, I made a plastic sheet fabric with conductive thread to testify the idea of using water as a random switch. It turned out that soap water can be used as a conductive material. However, since the thread created holes that leaked, the water eventually created a short circuit. So although it works, it might not be a very good idea for the final design of the umbrella NIME piece.

Lab 2 – Velostat sensor

Final Project

For my final project, I want to make a midi control for one of the instruments that will be used in my NIME piece.

Based on the previous experiments, using conductive thread patterns on the umbrella surface as digital switches does not seems to be very feasible. So I eventually made a textile interface that uses a velostat to control filters of an electronic instrument around the handle area.

As the performer squeeze the handle, it’ll change the filter cutoff of the corresponding midi instrument in Ableton through a wireless-connected Arduino Nano.

P.S. Thank you so much Kate for this wonderful class!