ICM Week 5: Arrays

This week I made a motion tracking Match Man that can track your pose in front of a camera and turn it into a “stop-motion style” animation. This should be an ideal tool for any Kong Fu practitioner who wants to learn the Sonic Punch from the master but is too shy to ask in person. ๐Ÿ˜€

Here is what it feels like in Super Slow Motion mode:

Here’re the movements:

And here’s the guy who slowly did the Sonic Punch…

This project is built on top of a machine learning library called ML5. It is a super friendly JavaScript library which empowers anyone with even just a beginner-level coding skills to take advantage of the mighty AI and to do all kinds of stuff, from image classification to pitch detection. In this project, I used a model called PoseNet that can track the movement of a human body in front of an everyday web camera.

I also cooperated with Ellie Lin to create a Bread Man that can turn yourself into a piece of moving bread.ย  Check it outย and have fun!




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