Light & Interactivity Week 14 – 24hr Time Fixture 2

Based on the concept Jasper and I developed in week 12, we made a ring structure that could house an LED strip from the inside, and attached it to a circular board. The board served as a reflective surface for the lights and to connect the wires to the supporting base.

We tested with several diffusion materials, and found that matted paper yielded the best results in terms of our desired light quality and lux level.

A second smaller ring was then made and aligned in the middle, concentrically to the larger ring on the board.

To control the LED lights for this fixture, four major libraries are used:

  • The WiFiNINA library to get internet connection and query the live weather forecast data from OpenWeatherMap;
  • The RTC zero library that pulls the time epochs from the internet;
  • The ArduinoJSON library to parse the JSON weather forecast retrieved from the OpenWeatherMap;
  • The ColorConverter library to adjust the color of the two rings based on the weather forecast.

Final Work:

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