Light & Interactivity Week 3 – Lighting Shop Observation

This week’s trip to the lighting shops at Bowery street was fun – people have managed to do all sorts of tricks on tweaking the lights to produce hundreds of effects!

Below are some interesting ones I found.


Crystal – a dazzling effect created by tons of crystals surrounded LED strips in the middle.

Stained Glass? .. their yellow & red-ish color adds to the reality effect of the light source.

Bubbles – just adding some air bubbles into the glass diffuser gives it a totally different flavor.

Rasin/Glass..? Irregular diffuser carves light at the curvy edges of different shapes.

I have no clue how this circular rainbow is created.

Triangle – a light beam is bent into 60 degrees in the 3D space by this triangular disffuser.

Double mirror trick – Light is trapped in this tiny, thin space created by two reflective layers, resulting in an seemingly deep pathways. The curvature of the diffuser helps bending the pathways toward the center.


Some simple but effective structures that create a stage for the light sources.


Ghost light in a normal shell..?

The light source is actually made of tiny glowing balls lining up in spirals. Also, the reflected world captured in the outer layer of glass is magnificent.

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