Visual Language – Week 3: Typography

There are two tasks in this week:

1. Redesign an airline boarding pass
2. Create three expressive words


Resign the Boarding Pass

The given boarding pass shown above looks confusing and unreadable due to the following reasons:

1. The hierarchy of this boarding pass is a mess. The only thing we can clearly identify is the Seat and Zone information, which is outlined in a box. The bold, larger sized “DOCS-OK” text also stands out, but it doesn’t help in guiding a passenger to board his/her desired flight. Other than these, everything else appears to have the same weight. So identifying a particular piece of information seems pretty hard.

2. The typefaces are used inappropriately.
It is obvious that most of the Ten Type Commandments are violated: Texts are neither left-justified or aligning to one axis; Changes in weights is small and do not create a contrast; There appears to be at least 4 point sizes with little contrast; Information is not grouped and runs all over; And finally, the integrity of the typefaces seems to be broken


Here’s what I did to fix it:

1. Reconsidering the most important message a passenger needs to know in order to board the flight, and assign them the first priority visually
2. Build contrast between information using adequate weight and point size variance
3. Align and group information so that relevant things stay together
4. Create a balance between the graphic elements and text elements by adjusting their relative size and position


Three Expressive Words!

Since I began school at ITP, I was forced to pick up cooking since meal prices at NYC is intimidating. So, I chose three cooking verbs that I use most frequently to keep both myself and my wallet healthy. Here they are!





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